is a Jesus-centred movement
of disciples and churches
the Gospel through the nations and back
to Jerusalem.



How to respond to the Paris-massacre?

The very sad massacre of civilians in Paris a few days ago, supposedly by IS, is now up to a death-toll of 129 people and raises several questions. What kind of ideology is this? And how do we respond to it?


Welcome to the Influx Leader’s Day

On October 17, the extended Influx family gathers for the Influx Leader’s day in Bergen, Norway. This event is run twice a year and gathers our network family around our twofold vision of “God in the centre” and “Back to Jerusalem”.


Rhythm of fasting in Influx

It is beyond doubt that the Bible, and people who are living a lifestyle of continual fasting and prayer today, can testify that this spiritual discipline, when done out of the right motives, can result in both a deepened relationship to God and to spiritual breakethroughs that He brings about for his kingdom.