On October 17, the extended Influx family gathers for the Influx Leader’s day in Bergen, Norway. This event is run twice a year and gathers our network family around our twofold vision of “God in the centre” and “Back to Jerusalem”.

For this coming Leader’s day, we believe the Lord has given us the topic: “HARVEST“, and we have the worship leader Marie Hognestad, the churchplanter and media house director Geir Morten Nilsen, and the prophetic minister from England Liz Evans, joining us!

“And He said to them: Let us go on to the next towns, that I may preach there also, for that is why I came.”
– Jesus in Mark 1,38

Key elements at the Leader’s day are: worship, testimonies, teaching, vision casting, listening to God and fellowship around food & conversations.

Basically, there is a range of young pioneers gathering from various locations in Norway and in other countries this weekend, and our experience is that it is always very fruitful and fun. Instead of doing one day, we do a weekend. So come Thursday or Friday, and stay until at least Sunday if you can!

The Leader’s day and the weekend is for free for those who come, and we try to accomodate people locally with our own people, or visitors stay with friends that they know in the city.

On Saturday the location of the Influx Leader’s day is the Tent-house in Bedehussmauet 5, 5036 Bergen, and we are scheduled to go from 11:00 to 19:00.

If you have questions about the Influx Leader’s day, contact us.

Heartly welcome!! The harvest is ripe!