It all started...

...when God spoke sovereignly to some of us in western Norway about moving to the town "Os" to plant a church. The Spirit led us to worship and seek God, live in community, preach the gospel and make disciples.

But the vision was greater—aiming at establishing churches in new places and discipling the nations. God had spoken about an international Jesus-centred movement going through many nations bringing the gospel back to Jerusalem—to our roots where it all began and to where Jesus will return! Our hearts burn for Him and all those in the nations He died and rose again for!

If you have the same passion, we would be happy to join together with you and take the gospel of Jesus Christ back to Jerusalem!


We believe that the Bible is the
Word of God, that we submit to
in teaching and life.

We understand the Bible as stated in the Nicene Creed. We also stand upon the foundation of the Apostles' Creed and the Athanasian Creed. This was the universial unifying theological foundation for the Church until the schism of 1054.

Influx is an ecumenically oriented evangelical church and missions movement.

As a missions movement we identify ourselves with:

Back to Jerusalem movement and the The Lausanne movement.


The Triune God
in the

It's all about The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! The Triune God is the One we worship and live for, and Jesus Christ the Messiah is the Lord of Influx.

Love God
& Love

These are the two greatest commandmends of the bible, and we want Influx to be permeated by holy love for God and people expressed in practical ways.

Following Jesus
in the
Holy Spirit

We want to see a movement of Jesus-disciples living a Spirt-filled and Spirit-led life expressing the Kingdom of God that comes in power.

Live & Serve

Church and ministry is about living, sharing and serving together. In Influx we want a 'together' culture marked by deep family-relationships in life and ministry.

Make Disciples
& Plant

Jesus said: "make disciples of all nations", and through that He will build his church. Making disciples and establishing new churches is a very high priority in Influx and at the core of our calling.