We want to see a revival fire for Jesus Christ being ignited and burning in all villages, towns and cities with more than 500 inhabitants in the Norwegian counties of Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane, Rogaland and Møre og Romsdal!

We commit in particular to travelling and moving to, preaching of the gospel and to planting churches in the places and regions where there is most spiritual darkness, the greatest need of the gospel and new churches, and where the highest proportion of the people are living away from God. 
We believe that Jesus Christ will awaken the Westcoast of Norway and bring salvation and life to the people living in each place!

This vision is for the Westcoast of Norway and is a part of Influx’ vision for Norway. It was written down in December 2012 in Bergen as an expression of something that many among us in Influx and among our friends have a desire to see and something that we believe in for Norway.

What we have heard from God in various ways, is that we are to pioneer and awaken the Westcoast once again, and that this region shall become a sending base and giver to Kingdom work in other parts of Norway and in the nations.

An example of God’s initiative in this is a vision that several of us have seen of young people, in particular, that travel around and move to new villages, towns and cities on the Westcoast. These people and teams of people carry torches with blazing fire, symbolically speaking, and wherever they arrive they ignite a fire that burns and symbolizes revival and passion for Jesus and for the salvation of the people! This fire spreads from place to place, and in the end it covers the whole Westcoast like a network of fires burning in each village, town and city.

In the visions there were also people and teams travelling around and in between the different places in order to encourage and strengthen each other’s faith in God.

In one of our visions, it was also clear that the key to sustained growth for the Kingdom of God was that the local believers in every place persisted in prayer and seeking God earnestly. Then the light from God would grow stronger and stronger and drive away the spiritual darkness in that place, resulting in salvation and blessing for the people and the society.
Today, we see that these things are already starting to happen, as people have been moving and travelling to several places in need on the Westcoast, with backing from the wider ‘family’.

If God has given you a dream of partaking in something like this, perhaps even in the nation where you live, then let us know and let’s see if we can partner to see the His Kingdom come!